There are 2 patterns of application methods

normal application Rental pre-payment reserve service
limit Until the day Until 16:00 the day before
Payment Method Cash / creditcard
Some electronic money
(Payment will be made locally)
Creditcard only
additional fee none Layaway fee 500 yen per person
Layaway none Set aside
Features Items will not be reserved.
(If it is out of stock, it may not be possible to rent it.)
Please come to the dedicated counter.
Since it has been settled, there is no local accounting procedure and it is smooth.
procedure Please apply in advance on this site
Please show the mail screen with the QR code displayed at the rental counter without lining up at the reception counter.

※If you plan to visit as a group, please apply in bulk. You can rent it smoothly.

※Please select either application method at the end of the application

Customers using rental